Sunday, December 4, 2011

A new nephew.....

Thursday December 1st I received a phone call from my brother Charles at about 5ish in the AM.  I of course knew what this call was about.  Debbie had the baby earlier that morning.  I could hear the smile on my brothers face as he told me about my new nephew.  I almost cried, it was so sweet. 

Welcome to the family Logan Xavier Williams. Born December 1, 2011, 20" long, 7 lbs 12 oz.

Here is the first picture I received of Logan....

These were pictures Charles sent me the next day...... 

I can't wait until I get to see him!!!!!!

This is what happens,,,,,,

When I was downloading my pictures from last weekend this is what I found in the middle of them. Cambria was busy with my camera when I wasn't paying attention.

I love how she took pictures of herself pretending to sleep. 

Santa, Bowling and Fun!

So the Saturday after Thanksgiving Santa comes to Brigham City, so I thought it would be fun to take all the grand kids to see him.  Leslie was busy getting things ready for Paul's 30th birthday party and Jamie was going out to help her so this way I would be helping too.

I went out and picked up Leslie's kids and Jamie brought the boys and met me at the courthouse.  We all went and got our free hot chocolate and cookie first thing. Jax kept calling it warm chocolate because, well it wasn't really hot, but they all drank it any way.

Here they all are waiting.......

Here is Jamie and Cambria hamming it up for the camera... 

Jax and his mom... 

The big man in red arrives! 

Gunner and Trevon were so excited to be able to give Santa 'five'.... 

The first thing Cambria said about Santa was that he was too skinny.  Jax who is now 12 knows about Santa and was playing it cool and was not going to sit on his lap.

Jax with his 'warm' chocolate people watching. 

Gunner, I love the mischievous thoughtful look on his face... 

Trevon listening to what Santa is telling him.. 

Braxton giving his list.. 

Miss Cambria..... 

The current Peach Queen and her attendants were handing out the candy canes.  Jax wanted one, I told him if he went over I would take his picture with them.  He turned a little red and decided he didn't want one that bad :)

When they had all sat on Santa's lap, we were walking over to the car, Gunner stopped dead and with a look of horror on his face said, "I forgot to tell Santa one thing!'  He wanted to go and stand in line so he could fix that.  I had to do some fast talking not to have to stand in the line again. 

We went to Wendy's for lunch.. 

They handed out coupons for free bowling and shoe rental while we were waiting for Santa and the nice lady was good enough to give me enough to take them all bowling. Yay for freebies!






When Gunner would roll his ball down the ramp he would just lean on it
and watch his ball go down the lane... 

Cambria doing the "I got the spare" dance..

The funniest thing that happened while we were bowling was that Trevon managed to get a gutter ball with the gutter guards up.  Of course I didn't have my camera ready when that happened.  Don't ask us how he did it, it is a mystery.

The last time I bowled with the kids was at Angel's birthday party.  They all bowled better than me so they were all pretty confident that they were going to beat grandma.  I beat them all!  Yes, I really did, I tried to take a picture of the scoreboard but the glare was too much, but I really did beat them all!

As we were getting ready to go Jax found Gunner's shoe and put it beside his...... 

We then headed out to Leslie's where we all were going to spend the night.  The kids went off to play and I watched Leslie and Jamie frosting cupcakes.  Leslie made a root beer float cookie that was yummy.

Braxton, Jax and Cambria playing on the laptop and ipod,
 is this considered multitasking? 

Santa had told all the kids to make sure they were brushing their teeth.  Well Gunner was not about to disobey Santa (even though it's the same thing his mom tells him) and he was quite upset when he didn't have any toothpaste in his bathroom.  I told him we would find some later and he replied, "But Santa said we have to brush our teeth!"  We found some toothpaste and both Trevon and Gunner went right in and brushed their teeth.  They were not going to take any chances that Santa would not bring them anything. 

Later we went downstairs and played Just Dance 2 on the Wii.  Here is Gunner, Braxton and Trevon.. 

Here's the whole gang, I love how Braxton is going the wrong way and Gunner is just standing there.. 

Trevon and Gunner have become best buds, here they are in Gunner's
room watching Batman (of course) and doing puzzles. 

Later we all were watching a movie and the next thing I knew, they had all gone and brought up their pillows and blankets.  I was right beside Jax and once he fell asleep he started taking up the space where I was, plus Cambria kept stretching out and putting her legs on me, so I moved to Gunners bed.

  Here they all are after a long fun filled day.. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


This year for Thanksgiving we had dinner at Jamie's since I had to work that day.  Angel, Charles, Leslie and Paul and their gang were all there.  Debbie couldn't make it because she has been fighting a virus for a couple of weeks now and she just wanted to rest.  She wants to be well for when the baby comes.

Here is a picture of Paul opening his birthday present from me  It was a little late in getting here but he was happy with it and that is all that counts.  They are Steelers floor mats for his new truck.

Gunner was so excited about his dad's gift that he came running up to me and gave me a big hug and kiss for them.

Here is a picture of Gunner and Trevon.  I love that they have their hats on the same way.  They are becoming best friend.  They just played together the whole time.

Paul and Charles talking football.... 

Jax and Angel...

Miss Cambria and her ipod... 

Leslie and the magic pepper shaker.... 

Jamie and Leslie and the magic pepper shaker...... 

Okay, so I'm sure you are all wondering....what the heck is a magic pepper shaker?  Well I'll tell you.  Leslie was busy making her mashed potatoes and she grabbed this pepper shaker out of Jamie's cupboard.  As you can see in the picture it looks like it has pepper in it (and it does but it is stuck to the inside of the shaker).  Anyway she asked Jamie what was wrong with the pepper shaker...Jamie turned it around and showed Leslie that is was actually empty.  The pepper is only stuck on two sides of the shaker so when you turn it around you can see that is it empty. 

So when my girls get together they tend to get a little silly.  They were laughing and showing everyone the magic pepper shaker.  I guess you would have had to be there to appreciate it but they couldn't stop laughing about it.

Here is Cambria and her mom... 

Charles mutilating carving the turkey.....When we asked him if he wanted to carve the turkey he said that he didn't know how.  I told him all that mattered is that he got all the meat off the bones, and that he did... 

Paul and Braxton talking about the Steelers Christmas ornament I had given him..... 

Jax and Angel taking a minute from her ipad to watch the football game... 

Leslie taking a minute to sit and watch the game..... 

Angel playing on Cambria's ipod while Jax plays on Angel's ipad...... 

It was Jamie's first time cooking a turkey and she did a fantastic job.  It was so moist and everyone loved it, in fact I don't think there was any left when we were done.  We also had mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, mac and cheese, green beans, rolls, and your choice of banana cream or razzleberry pie with ice cream.

We had a great time and we all left very full.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cambria, Braxton and Gunner spend the weekend....

Last weekend Leslie took Paul to the U of U game for his birthday and I watched the kiddos for them.  It also was the day of our first real snow storm.

When the kids come over there are certain items that Grandmas MUST have stocked in the house.  They are macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, noodles (Ramen), cheese puffs and CHOCOLATE MILK.  This last item is non-negotiable. 

So I was fixing mac and cheese and hot dogs for lunch and when I opened the fridge Gunner saw the chocolate milk in the door.  He ran up to me and hugged my legs and said, "I love you !", and then grabbed a bottle of milk.  If  that is what I get for having chocolate milk in my fridge then it is well worth it.

The snow recked my original plan to have the kids help me finish raking up all the leaves but we managed to fill our time doing other fun stuff.

They brought Gunners turtle tent.

Then Cambria and I decided to make some chocolate chocolate chip cookies. The recipe I used was so easy.  You take a chocolate cake mix, a can of pumpkin and a bag of chocolate chips mix it all together and it makes 3 dozen of the best cookies.  You don't even taste the pumpkin and they are moist and cakey.

  Cambria ended up doing most of it. 

Here she is with the finished product.... 

While we were upstairs baking the boys were downstairs playing the Wii..

Look at the concentration on Gunner's face in these pictures.. 

Here's Braxton and Cambria waiting for their turn on the Wii (Braxton is eating an apple) 

Here they are playing "The Michael Jackson Experience". 
You can tell who was being Michael Jackson by who has the glove on... 

Cambria and Braxton dancing to "Dirty Diana" 

This is how Gunner amused himself while they were dancing... 

While the other two were playing Gunner invited me into his tent.... 

We decided to brave the snow and go to Pizza Plus for dinner.  They have the best cheesy bread sticks ever, and their pizza is pretty darn good too.

When we got home the kids decided that they wanted to have a Christmas movie marathon.  So they pulled out all my Christmas movies and put them in the order that they wanted to watch them.  While we watched the movies we had hot chocolate, their favorite is the candy cane cocoa.  They all fell asleep during the third movie.

The next morning Gunner was the first one up.  I asked him what he wanted for breakfast and out of all the choices I gave him this is what he chose.

Candy cane cocoa and leftover pizza... Side note..he did decide to have cereal for lunch.

When Cambria and Braxton finally woke up they decided that Gunner had made the best choice for breakfast and had the same.  I can't say that I blame them I have always loved leftover pizza for breakfast.

After they got dressed we continued the Christmas movie marathon and then they had ramen for lunch (except Gunner).  While they were eating they decided that since it was Paul's birthday that they needed to make him birthday cards. 

After the cards were done, Cambria and the boys made up a birthday skit to surprise Paul with.  They had fun and he loved it.